X-ray rooms



The Perform-X radiographic systems are Control-X Medical’s most advanced radiographic systems due to the various component configurations which can be made to match your diagnostic imaging needs. A perfect choice for any radiographic environment, take advantage of these system’s versatility, durability and hospital grade quality performance when searching for top quality radiographic systems.



The Del Medical OTC12S system is our premiere imaging suite offering complete versatility and reliability with the durable OTC12 overhead tube crane with vertical auto tracking.

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CSST NOVA Ceiling Tube Mount

The new NOVA is a heavy-duty X-Ray Tube Overhead Support System characterized by its simple and functional design. With its new light weight design, the NOVA guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.



The OPTI-RAD is an affordable general purpose radiographic system that can be configured with a choice of table and tube stand to accomplish a wide range of table, wall stand, and wheel chair examinations. The OPTI-RAD was designed to deliver high performance imaging for a demanding environment. The solid design ensures outstanding reliability for the busy hospital and private practice settings.

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Agfa CR-10X


The RadiologiX radiographic system performance, quality and durability at an exceptional price. The compact design of the RadiologiX system is perfect for small x-ray rooms. By using a unique combination of hospital grade components and value, the RadiologiX system is the logical choice when in the search for a complete system in a compact package.

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he Halo OTS is a heavy-duty, manually operated, fully counterbalanced ceiling mounted unit that provides great extendibility in order to facilitate a wide variety of x-ray procedures. The Halo OTS can be easily positioned at any one of it selected points within it’s range of travel. Along with it’s excellent so ware that allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration, the Halo OTS is the optimal choice when in need of a ceiling mounted unit.