X-ray rooms



The Chiro-Practical radiographic system offers an affordable solution to meet the diagnostic imaging needs of every chiropractic ofice. Whether for film or single flat panel DR technology, this system is designed to meet the high performance demands of most radiographic settings by employing the latest technology in our generators and using versatile, high quality components.



The VertEx is one of the most affordable digital or film/CR solutions that adapts to the practices that want affordability, versatility and reliability to perform routine upright and extremity imaging. The combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand delivers the flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of upright and extremity views.


DC Choice

The system features an economic and flexible design capable of performing specialized and individual professional radiographic procedures. Designed for high functionality and versatility, this innovative system offers a variety of high frequency and single phase generator options to fit specific needs and budget.

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