fully motorized and counterbalanced digital radiographic stand. It’s unique, compact design allows the Z-Motion to fit into x-ray rooms with an 8 foot ceiling. Through the use of a High Frequency X-ray Generator, DR Flat Panel Technology and a Digital Acquisition Software, the Z-Motion can replace large, conventional x-ray systems while at the same time provide Best-InClass Digital Diagnostic Radiography.


  • 6 reprogrammable, motorized movements

  • 7” touchscreen control display

  • Bluetooth remote control

  • SID range of 39” - 79”

APEX DR Features

  • Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide foreach examination

  • An option, have the ability to control all generator functions

  • Integration with front office management systems like RIS and EMR

  • Full set of annotation tools

  • Up to 12 different images can be viewed on the same screen

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