Advance forward with the latest detector technology. Introducing the Air DR – the next generation of Flat Panel digital radiographic systems. Rugged and reliable, the Air DR is the lightest and thinnest panel available, backed by powerful image acquisition software. The Flat Panel Detector utilizes a low-power WiFi connection to transmit images, allowing you the freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections. Use only the best with the Air DR.

AirDR Specifications


  • Wireless connection

  • 6 lbs

  • W15.09” x D.59" x H18.09”

XC™ Features

  • Smart Scanning: manipulate acquired images while additional cassettes are being scanned

  • Smart search, sort, and filter options

  • Integration with front office management systems like RIS and EMR

  • Full set of annotation tools

  • Chrome includes XC — intuitive multi-touch screen capable acquisition software

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