1717SGC/SCC is a cassette type detector embodying the technological power and know-how of Rayence, a global enterprise specializing in sensors. This cassette type detector allows you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology without deforming existing cassette sized bucky Its 15mm thickness allows existing detectors using film to be easily digitalized, and its minimized dead space helps the user take pictures of large areas without difficulty. In addition, its removable handle increases user’s convenience.The 1717 SGC/SCC will become the universal and economical digital solution needed to meet your clinical requirements.

XMARU 1717 SGC/SCC Specifications


  • Gadolinium or Cesium-Iodide

  • 9.7lbs

  • W18.1” x L18.1" x H0.61”

Standard Features

  • 9.0 Mega-pixel flat panel detector with radiographic imaging capability.

  • Unique electronics hardware with 14-bit signal digitization providing an extremely wide dynamic range

  • Specific & optimized algorithms for each individual body part

  • Fast readout time enables an image to be captured and transmitted within 4 seconds

  • Cassette sized: simply slides into the exsisting cassette tray

  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED): no generator integration is required

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