Digital Equipment

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Xmaru 1717SGC

The Xmaru 1717 SGC/SCC detectors allow you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology without modifying the existing cassette bucky tray. Its 15mm thickness allows existing systems using film or CR to be easily upgraded.


EzSensor P is connected to your PC by USB 2.0 interface which eliminates the need for a control box in the middle of the cable. With its user-friendly Easy Dent software which offers rapid image acquisition and unmatched simplicity and reliability.


Introducing the latest DR innovation from iCRco. The AirDRc™ is fully rugged cassette-size wired flat-panel DR for today's healthcare professional. The detector provides integrated AED technology that allows for seamless integration and no-hassle implementation to your practice.

Z-MOTION Universal Digital

Z-Motion's versatility allows patients to sit, stand or lay down on a mobile table. The unique system design preserves the alignment between the collimator and digital receptor in any position. With an SID range of 100 to 200cm (39.5” to 79”), Z-Motion offers a variety of examination possibilities. Once the desired position is achieved, electromagnetic brakes firmly lock the arm in place.