Direct Digital Radiography - DR

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Xmaru 1717SGC

A cassette type detector embodying the technological power and know-how of Rayence, a global enterprise specializing in sensors. This cassette type detector allows you to experience True Flat Panel Digital Imaging Technology.

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The AirDRc™ is a revolutionary direct digital receptor that offers stunning versatility and lightning fast image display speed. This cassette-sized flat panel integrates seamlessly into any new or existing radiology room and can be utilized for all table work and weight bearing views.



ViVIX-S is a Vieworks’s flat panel digital radiography system with the large field coverage area of 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector.

Agfa CR-10X


FujiFilm FDR D-EVO is a portable flat panel detector (FPD) that introduces an intelligent alternative for analog-to-digital conversions. With quick image availability and short cycle times, FujiFilm FDR D-EVO will improve efficiency and reduce patient waiting without compromising image quality, flexibility or reliability.

Agfa CR-10X


QXR-9/16 is a Vieworks’s advanced 17”x17” field coverage digital radiography system using its unique image processing system and proprietary CCD based hardware to optimize the diagnostic procedure required for current digital imaging community standards

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iDR-L is a tall, slender, and seamless, high-resolution detector that offers full spine, regional, and zone scanning capabilities. Integrating phosphor plate technology, the iDR-L boasts a higher resolution than standard DR while maintaining the same workflow.