Computed Radiography - CR

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Optima CR System

Optima Veterinary CR is a compact, cost-effective CR reader with superior image quality and product durability. The Optima CR™ is powered by PACS Pro™ Veterinary Acquisition & Viewing software.

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A small tabletop scanner that's big on workflow – introducing a lightweight, conveniently sized solution that's been ruggedized for small format imaging and veterinary markets.

Agfa CR-10X


Affordable, table-top CR designed to offer low volume practices a cost effective CR Solution that does not compromise image quality. Key benefits: Convenient and fast workflow, Robust functionality, Easy to install and maintain. Fits in small spaces and is ideal for mobile applications and can interface with any DICOM PACS Environment.


ImagePilot Veterinary Solution

ImagePilot is a new generation CR System that dramatically simplifies CR image acquisition to the push of a button. This is possible with AutoPilot Image Processing which automates the image optimization process with universal algorithm independent of body site information.

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CR-35 and CR-60

The Medlink CR-60 (60 Plates Per hour) and CR-35 (35 Plates Per Hour) offers an ideal solution for any private practice or decentralized CR environment. This new configuration is easy to install, use and maintain. View and analyze images from any location thanks to the system's local and web viewing licenses. Medlink CR's uses proven technologies to ensure uncompromising and consistent image quality

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iCRco - Chrome

Small is the new big. Introducing the elemental CR - a lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice.