Computed Radiography - CR

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Vita CR System

An affordable, compact system suitable for both centralized and decentralized workflow environments. Provides 63+ plates per hour throughput.

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iDR-L is a tall, slender, and seamless, high-resolution detector that offers full spine, regional, and zone scanning capabilities. Integrating phosphor plate technology, the iDR-L boasts a higher resolution than standard DR while maintaining the same workflow.

Fuji FCR XL-2


The FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour – yet its small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or offices where space is limited. With this kind of speed, the FCR XL-2 also serves as a great redundancy solution, particularly during busy periods. Perfect for higher volume practices.

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The REGIUS Nano CR is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates an hour (14” x 17”) for fast patient turnaround time and improved workflow. Its touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for generating superior image quality with a few easy steps.

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Vmotion Upgrade

Vmotion Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your existing GE AMX 4 or 4+ with the VMotion Upgrade Kit. This kit advances your system forward, extending your system’s lifespan and increasing its efficiency. Its onboard CR reader and large, touch-screen monitor allows for immediate image visualization to facilitate clinical decisions at point-of-care.

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iCRco - Chrome

Small is the new big. Introducing the elemental CR - a lightweight, compact, tabletop scanner designed specifically for the modern practice.