Digital Equipment

Computed Radiography - CR

Computed radiography (CR) systems is a cost effective way to bring digital to your practice. CR is a cassette based system and is processed in the same manor as you did with a film processor. Some of the system we offer are from Konica, Medlink, Agfa, Fuji and iCRco

Direct Digital Radiography - DR

with Direct Digital Radiography (DR) systems. You can shoot an x-ray and see the imaging in about 5 to 10secs. We represent today's top name brands in the industry including Vieworks, Rayence, Del Medical, and iCRco just to name a few. We offer both flat plate and CCD systems.


The Picture Archiving and Communication System is based on the same technology as the personal computer, except that its primary function is to serve as a storage and retrieval unit for medical and veterinary radiographic images. We offer a full line of both PACS and Mini PACS systems and can help you choose the correct system for you facility.

X-Ray rooms/equipment

The science of medical radiography hasn't changes since 1895, the technology on how it's produced has. Our trained and highly knowledgeable engineers will work with you to meet your specific needs. We know that every facility is unique in terms of it needs and capacity. Rest assure you can count on a solution specifically for your practice.